A Brief Biography Born in the late 50's in Germany of Anglo German parents. Emigrated to Britain in the late 60's, studied fine art and graphic design in Bristol in the 1980's, graduated in 1982 (I think). First played as a replacement guitarist in a punk band at art school, when the original guitarist over- enthusiastically shredded his fingers. Was thrown out for wearing a woolly hat and knowing too many chords. Played for six months in Bristol based heavy metal band "Scavenger" as rhythm guitarist, was thrown out for daring to play a lead break. The singer left in sympathy. Played for about a year in a Gong style outfit called Gestallt; left when they morphed into a synth pop band. Co-founded a space-rock band called Elidor with Phil Eastabrook which lasted about a year, had some amazing rehearsals and played to an audience of sheep on Hay Bluff. Disbanded due to the stress caused by the rock and roll lifestyle. Joined folk rock band The Morrigan in 1984 as lead guitarist, a post I occupy to this day. Here I met my wife to be and long time collaborator, Cathy Alexander. During this time have played hundreds of gigs, including Glastonbury festival, released 6 band albums and three solo albums, the latest being "The Southern Cross." In 1988 I gave up graphic design because I hated it, and became a gardener. I now live in the south of England and as well as music, produce Sci-fi and fantasy artwork. Homepage Reviews CD’s and Downloads