Music Videos
Video from the new album featuring “Das Tal”, one of the more reflective tracks.
“The Devil And The Tailor” is a traditional song that I originally learned from Gary Nunn when he was the caller in a ceilidh band that Cathy and I were playing in. The Morrigan used to do it though it never got as far as a CD. Here it is with my new band ……….I’m not really sure about the drummer though.
This video is quite recent, although the song comes from the southern Cross album. It came about because I was dabbling with the new Blender render engine. Blender is a piece of sotware that you will hear more of if you follow this site.
Video of Ryan trying out some Hang Gliding in the Lauterbrunnen valley in Switzerland a few years ago. The song, beautifully sung by Cathy, can be found on “The Mad Monk And The Mountain”.
This was my first foray into CGI, and I’m still quite proud of it, especially as it was all done in my living room, which is only 10 by 15 feet. In spite of what the credits say, the music has not appeared on any album so far.
This is my first attempt at a music video, and predates my having an HD camera, and gray hair. Carel de Winter is my Dungeons and Dragons playing alter ego by the way. The track comes from “The Mad Monk And The Mountain” album.
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