Isle Of Eight

The shifting acoustic and electric tunes are simply georgeous and while you will find yourself in a calm bucolic mood at some point, the next moment the music takes off due to Masson's unique talent of producing dreamy electric atmospheres under an orchestral mood.All three epics follow the same vein and the final feeling is to spin this album again and again. apps79 The final ten minutes are a pure delight , contrasting the gentle acoustic themes with more "howling" (Erik's favourite term) lead guitar tempests , an electric gale ripping through the sails. Tzirmay 'Isle Of Eight' is mainly driven by Masson's brooding guitar work, which is incredibly diverse in it's mood and tone. Throughout the course of one song, the music may go from that of utter chaos and technical skill, to some subtle and soothing acoustic work. Conor Fynes

The Mad Monk And The


Two Lighthousekeepers starts off the album on a very powerful note. It makes me think of standing at the edge of a cliff and slowly leaning forward, until you reach the point where it seems like you must fall over if you lean just the slightest amount more. TheGazzardian Beginning softly, 'Windmills' slowly builds up tension until breaking into full out rock instrumental fury. This track of the album also showcases Colin's great skill with guitar; the track is filled with rapidfire riffage and tasteful lead work. After such a dynamic track, the listener is greeted with the most serene and beautiful piece on the album, 'The Ends Of The Earth.' Instead of Colin singing here however, his associate Cathy Alexander sings. and is also the part of the album where I realized that I had a masterpiece on my hands here. Conor Fynes

The Southern Cross

On The Wreckers, Masson's wife, Cathy Alexander, takes the lead vocals, and quite wonderful she is too. Very operatic, she leads a symphonic piece setting the scene marvellously, whilst Masson bangs & crashes with orchestration and percussion to more than adequately describe to us the cliffs, waves, and rocks upon which the ship will flounder. Huge in scope, and marvellously executed, this track is a pure joy to listen too, with Masson and Cathy complementing each other very well. lazland Once you become immersed in the music, the experience has the power to take over and you are held captive by the enchanting parallel tales of the explorers navigating on their way across the immense oceanscapes of time and space. AtomicCrimsonRush
Anvil Of The North


Released 2001 Isle Of Eight Total Eclipse Return To The Northern Wasteland

Released 2010

Two Lighthouskeepers Tilting At Windmills The Ends Of The Earth The Mad Monk And The Mountain Caradons Surprise The House On the Rock

Released 2012

Never Come Back Sails Of Silver South Australia The Wreckers Compass Rose Interlude With Mooncycles Heart Of The Machine Ocean Of Storms The Southern Cross
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