Sunday 24th April

As I type this, I have with Cathy’s help, put the tracks from the new album up on Songcast. The next thing will be to send it off for review, Progarchives, and anywhwere else it wants to go. In meantime, I have to sort out pages on Facebook and Twitter, and more importantly start working on a live set based on the album. I will go into the process more fully as things develop.


Well having promised myself that I would try to post on here at least once a week, I find a month has gone by. In that time I've been attempting to update my profile on Facebook Spotify and any other number of sites as well as trying to put my album up for review on some of the Rock websites and elsewhere, of course this all takes far longer than you hope. progress is being made, albeit slowly, and I am hoping that at the weekend I can get the guitar out and practice. Cathy and I have decided that we're going to be going out and doing a couple of folk clubs and Mike sessions, in order to get our hands in again so watch this space. Hopefully the speed of progress will improve. In the meantime here is a picture of mission Control at 6 in the morning.

Saturday 25th May

COLIN MASSON Musician and Artist
By the french rennaisance composer Claude Gervais. Part of a practice session (also with Cathy) with a view to going out and playing some folk clubs, or open mic sessions.

Tuesday 4th June

So I am back from a trip to France and Switzerland which is why I've been rather quiet just recently. however now that we are back, I intend to make lots of noise again. mostly with my guitar. This is a video I did have one of my most recent practises. I've played this track a couple of times at some open mic sessions, and it has gone down pretty well. there's no editing here, this is as I played it straight into my digital audio workstation. All the effects Are courtesy of the Roland gr 55. I have to admit that the vignetting in the video is not actually an artistic statement, it's just that after I'd recorded it I realised but there was a load of laundry hanging in the corner of the room so I've tastefully removed it. If anybody is interested I will be doing a few numbers at the Winchester Gate open mic session in Salisbury on Thursday the 1st of July using this setup. I attended the last one, (They are on the first Thursday of every month) and it was really good, with some excellent artists. So I can recommend it to anybody who might be thinking of going.

Monday 29th July